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    RCTI(Pay on Receipt) Invoice not getting generated in Services Procurment


      Hi All,


      In Services Procurement, we have created a Complex PO with following details


      1) l1 line item with line type "Fixed Price Temp Labor" (gave all the details like job, category(which is defaulted from job category association)

      2) 3 pay items with Lumsum,Rate and Milestone based.

      3) Approved the CSPO

      4) Created the work confirmation for payitem 1

      5) Approved the Work confirmation.


      After work confirmation approval, the Pay on Receipt process should be triggered automatically and RCTI invoice should be created but this not happening (no Pay on Receipt process getting triggered in our system).

      Pay on Receipt is enabled for supplier site (for the same supplier its working fine with Fixed Price Services line type)


      Did we miss any setup before this flow can work?