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    Using MDX query in RPD


      I have a MDX query that I want to use in the RPD as "Table Type" =Select

      I did create a new object as "Physical Dimension" and gave the below script as Essbase 11 specific SQL, but this does not work and an getting the generic error "[nQSError: 15002] Missing navigation space for subject area test. (HY000)". Any Idea as to how to use the MDX in RPD?


      MDX Script:


      with set classes as '{[Class_Data],[Inventory_Class_Data]}'

      set ledgers as '{[Actuals_Ledger],[Finance_Ledger],[Reclass_Ledger],[Allocation_Ledger],[Blending_Ledger],[HCSADJ_Ledger]}'

      set bu as '{[UTHCS],[UTMBG],[CONSL]}'

      set account as 'Except ({filter ([Accounts].Levels(0).members, IsAncestor([SRECNA],[Accounts].CurrentMember)),

      filter ([Accounts].Levels(0).members, IsAncestor([MISC_AUDIT],[Accounts].CurrentMember)),

                                        filter ([Accounts].Levels(0).members, IsAncestor([SNA],[Accounts].CurrentMember))},{[Change in Net Assets and Restatements]})'

      set funds as '{filter ([Fund].Levels(0).members,IsAncestor([All_Funds],[Fund].CurrentMember)),

      filter ([Fund].Levels(0).members,IsAncestor([Do Not Use Funds],[Fund].CurrentMember))}'

      select {[Act]} on columns,

      Non Empty (CrossJoin(CrossJoin(






        ) on rows

      from [finrpt15.work]

      where (FY15,YTD_Apr,UTMB_INSTITUTION);