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    SqlDeveloper with jdk8 bundle?




      Is it possible to have those awesome bundles of SqlDeveloper / Datamodeller with JDK/JRE also for the newer versions?


      I jumped to SqlDeveloper 4.1 EA2 and amused myself by hacking with cygwin etc. tricks to get the jdk8 extracted next to the SqlDeveloper in Win7.

      This was due error dialogs 'This program is blocked by group policy..' when trying to install jdk8.

      Because I didn't want to hassle the Win7 java-setups driven by 'the group policy' I just made the installation with SqlDeveloper and jdk8 in the same 'home'-directory.


      Otherwise the installation of the newer version of SqlDeveloper goes very smoothly.

      The lack of correct jdk in the installation bundle can be real showstopper for many of us.


      rgrds Paavo