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    Things to capture when taking on an EBS service from another team.


      Hi all.

      I've recently been asked to take on an EBS service from our Oracle support team.

      Whilst it would be simple enough to just have the alert queue changed from the Oracle Database Support team to the Oracle Ebusiness Support team my boss would like to see some documentation detailing things like what we need to do to take over the environment from the support guys.

      I'll also have to give a small presentation to the rest of the team detailing the new environment and the extent of our support.

      As i'm a techie and not very good on the admin front can anyone advise a sort of template of steps I should be following.

      Apologies if it sounds a bit broad but that's exactly why i'm having this problem. I don't know what to include and what is irrelevant.

      I generally have a problem and fix it, not right up the entire workflow for the solution to the problem.

      Hope someone can advise