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    Problem with dates... what's the latest version of OO4O?

      Start with the easy question first....

      1) What's the latest release of OO4O? I installed Oracle9i and it didn't install OO4O. My previous installation of Oracle8i installed OracleInProcServer version 3. Is OO4O deprecated in Oracle 9i or is it going to continue to be supported? (Ack! I guess that was two questions.)

      Next the toughie..

      2) (or is it 3?) I'm using OO4O in an asp web page to insert a record in a database. The record contains an embedded object. The object has a date field among others. When I attempt to initialze the date field with a string containing date and time I get an error message. (Error in Object operation, OCI-01830: date format picture ends before converting entire input string) After much farbling around, I've found that I can successfully set a field that already has a date with non-null time in it, but not an empty field. It looks like the default format picture doesn't allow times. Is there a way to set the default format picture for dates so I can initialize date fields?

      Here's the javascript code:

      // create a time stamp type object and fill the fields
      function dbGetTimeStamp(oraDB,strOp)
                var edit = oraDB.CreateOraObject("TIMESTAMP_TYPE");
                edit.PersonID = strOp;
                edit.SoftwareVersion = gg_softwareVersion;
                var date = new Date();
                edit.DateTime = date.getDateTimeString();
                return edit;

      This code succeeds if date.getDateTimeString returns a date only- i.e "04-Mar-2002"
      This code fails if the string contains "04-Mar-2002 11:46:23" and every variation I could think of.

      Similar code that attempts to update date/time fields in returned dynasets succeeds/fails as well.

      I've tried setting NLS_DATE_FORMAT at the database level and the session level both. And I've done everthing I could think of with my NLS settings in Windows.

      3) On a related issue- I have never been able to use Ora.CreateObject("object_type") as documented in the OO4O user's manual. I get an error message indicating that no such procedure exists.

      Thanks in advance,