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    User Defined extension.


      I have created a SQL developer User Defined Extension.

      I have attached this extension in the Tools/Preferences/Database/User defined extension

      Capture 1.PNG

      The type of extension is an Action

      It is attached to the CONNECTION Item

      The XML file is deposited on my desktop.

      I have restarted SQL developer


      The action appears in the CONNECTION contextual menu (See bellow "Gestion des tâches agendas").

      It runs for quite all connections.

      Capture 2.png

      But for one of my connection (PAR2), it doesn't work. Yesterday, it was running fine until the last update of my xml source file.


      My question :

      - Is there any log file to trace the track the issues concerning the activation of an User Defined Extension

      - Did you have already met this issue ?


      Thank's for your reply




      Attached, the xml code and the

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          But for one of my connection (PAR2), it doesn't work.

          We have NO WAY of knowing what "doesn't work" is supposed to mean since we don't know WHAT your extension is supposed to do or when it is supposed to do it.


          The log window will show the sql developer startup activity and the plug-ins that get loaded/activated.


          What does sthe log window show for your extension?