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    SQL developer some minor anoying problems.





      can someone please explain to me why i have this problems in SQL developer.



      First problem is with search db objects.



      When i type in search string and i tick all objects all shemas it starts search ... finds nothing

      because search changes "search in all schemas" to "search only under connected user".

      Then i have to manually select all schemas and run search again and then it searches under all schemas.






      Second problem is (i dont know if this is intended or not) that if i mix upercase letters in search string

      with lower case it wont find anything.






      Third problem is when search finds something and i click on a table for example from found resoults

      it always opens up 2 tables (with same name) and again i have to manually close one of them.






      4th problem is speed is there a way to really optimize SQL developer for speed. By that i mean

      that finding db objects forks really fast ... switching between tables and stuff like that?

      Is there a guide of settings that explains stuff like that?



      At each problem i have posted a screen shot for better understanding.



      I hope someone will try to help me solve those anoying problems.



      Thank you!


      PS my sql developer version is problems like these started in 3.x version already.