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    4.1 EA2 SVN commit on directory gives wrong revision number to unchanged locked files


      SQL Dev 4.1 EA 2




      The following scenario gives wrong version numbers to locked unchanged files when commiting to SVN on directory level.


      1 - lock 2 files in the same directory

      2 - update 1 file

      3 - commit the change by a right mouse click on the directory

      4 - the SVN console log shows the sending of the changed file

      5 - in the files navigator both files get a new revision number. Opening the unchanged file also shows the new revision number, although not being changed.

      6 - checking out the same directory on a different place in the file system shows the unchanged file with the old revision number. So there was no change made in SVN to the unchanged file.


      So the commit on directory should not apply the new revision number on the unchanged locked file.


      I hop this bug can be fixed before the final 4.1 release.