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    FDMEE: Source Period Mapping in Open Interface Adaptor




      I want to use open interfce Adaptor to load data in FDMEE (AIF_Open_Interface) from a Custom SQL Source where periods are in rows and data in last column of SQL table, like


      Fyear      period      entity      account      Currency      Data

      2012      1           10000           100022       USD          171778.87

      2012      1         10000           100022       USD           -10343


      please suggest, how can i bring this data in FDMEE ?


      Many Thanks !!!

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          Francisco Amores



          first you have to populate the open interface adapter table with data coming from custom sql table:

          1) with external tools

          2) BefImport script

          3) modifying the ODI project for open interface adapter


          then you can configure source period mappings to extract the data for specific periods you want.

          The three important fields in the source period mappings are YEAR, period name, and period number

          Year should be 2012

          Period number should be 1

          Period can be JAN (you can import this value into the open interface table by using any SQL function to get month name based on month number which you already have)