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    expect best idea


      Halo guys


      I have a problem like following:


      assume that I have table that shows "Ending Balance" per Customer:


      Customer No           Branch                   Ending Balance       Ending Balance per Branch

      111110000                Office A                     2.900.                             ??

      112237890               Office B                     2.890                               ??


      the problems is I have column which has a formula: Ending Balance (per Customer) / Ending Balance (per Office). I want to know the contribution per Customer in the each Branch.


      example: 2.900/10.000 --> 1.000 assume branch's ending balance.


      how do I get ending balance per Branch. is it posible to use 2 analysis?


      Any idea or best suggestions guys.really appreciate. thanks alot.

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          Christian Berg

          Hello nameless user,


          First of all, if you "expect best idea" - which is a bit presumptuous but let's write this off under "language barrier" -  then at least have the decency to choose a proper name or handle for this forum.


          Secondly, for this requirement you'd use a level-based measure in the RPD which aggregates at the "Branch" level of your hierarchy or you can use the AGGREGATE AT function in Answers.

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            @Christian Berg:


            First of all I'm sorry for inconvenience words in my thread.I did'nt mean to be that way.it's just a mistake in choosing the proper name.


            Secondly, thanks alot for the solution you gave me.million thanks.

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              Christian Berg

              No worries, just a question of netiquette in the forums.


              If that has solved your issue, please close this thread as currently it's still marked as

              This question is Not Answered.

              and by closing it you assure that other people searching for a valid response will know that one is contained in here.