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    Question about clone


      Hi all experts,


      My customer EBS version is 11.5.9

      He follow note 230672.1 to clone PROD to TEST. Pre-clone were completed without issue and TEST db is up and running now.

      However, when run adcfgclone.pl appsTier, system didn't ask for database server node and go straight to ask for next question.

      Also, when check CloneContext_04161101.log, it shows clone just use PROD as default dbSid, which is wrong.

      The issue start to happen two weeks ago.

      It works well before. Also, no change was done.

      Only thing happened was a clone was done two weeks ago and this is the second clone he tries to do and hit this issue.

      He has rename the clone stage area and run preclone twice on 11/4 and 15/4. Both are still causing the same issue.

      Which part do I have to check more?

      If you have any advice, please give me feedback freely.



      adpairsfile.lst file:






      CloneContext_04161101.log file:


      #------Log File created at: 04161101------------




      Variables extracted from pairsfile: /tmp/adpairsfile.lst



      Variable :s_hostname

      Value :galileo


      Variable :s_appsuser

      Value :oratest


      Variable :s_appsgroup

      Value :oinstall


      Variable :s_atName

      Value :galileo


      Default value found for s_dbSid : PROD

      Default value found for s_contextname : PROD_galileo

      Default value found for s_dbhost : galileo





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          Kj - Kiran Jadhav

          Hi Xun,


          As a Workaround, you can try below:

          On the Target system, perform the following steps:

          1. Edit $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/clone/context/db/CTXORIG.xml on db & $COMMON_TOP/clone/context/apps/CTXORIG.xml for apps

          2. Change the value for s_dbSid,s_contextname,s_dbhost to the correct target system value

          3. Rerun "perl adcfgclone.pl dbTier" & "perl adcfgclone.pl appsTier"