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    SQL Developer: Input parameters dialog



      For different purposes I need to use any well-known tool to explain some details to our students about particular DB structure. It should be preferably free tool, like SQL Developer.

      This tool has a lot of facilities, and that's why I try to adapt it for my needs.

      When we input queries with parameters, SQLDeveloper asks us to input them by meaning of standard input dialog. (I mean "where field=:parameter" syntax).

      Is it possible to modify this dialog by creating an extension or by configuring smth in SQLDeveloper?

      My goal is to prepare training work place for students. They have to study particular queries to our database. I want to give them comfortable tool which will allow them to be focused on the query, not on additional tasks like UI.

      Built-in dialog is good, but I prefer to amend it. For example, may be it is better to create calendar for inputing dates, and so on. If SQL Developer had any abilities to do that, it would be very fine.