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    responsibility level exclusions


      I have the following SQL


      SELECT DISTINCT u.user_name, rtl.responsibility_name, ff.function_name,


                 FROM fnd_compiled_menu_functions cmf,

                      fnd_form_functions ff,

                      fnd_form_functions_tl ffl,

                      fnd_responsibility r,

                      fnd_responsibility_tl rtl,

                      fnd_user_resp_groups urg,

                      fnd_user u

                WHERE cmf.function_id = ff.function_id

                  AND r.menu_id = cmf.menu_id

                  AND urg.responsibility_id = r.responsibility_id

                  AND rtl.responsibility_id = r.responsibility_id

                  AND cmf.grant_flag = 'Y'

                  AND r.application_id = urg.responsibility_application_id

                  AND u.user_id = urg.user_id

      --and ff.function_id=19438

                 AND ff.function_name IN ('ALR_ALRALERT', 'ASO_DEFAULT_RULES') -- Add the required functions here

                  AND ff.function_id = ffl.function_id

                  AND rtl.responsibility_name NOT IN (

                         SELECT fnd_responsibility_vl.responsibility_name

                           FROM fnd_resp_functions, fnd_responsibility_vl

                          WHERE action_id = 1678

                            AND fnd_responsibility_vl.responsibility_id =


             ORDER BY u.user_name


      However, I am told it is possible at responsibility level to "exclude" menu or functions. If so how can I check which responsibilities have excluded menus or functions at responsibility level? Or how can you list all responsibilities and their excluded functions/menus?