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    adpatch hang in middle

    Syed Rafi Ahmed

      I am trying to apply one  GDF patch and it as hanged in the middle as below


      There are now 1 jobs remaining (current phase=A0):

          0 running, 1 ready to run and 0 waiting.


      Assigned: file ap_trx_missing_event_sel.sql on worker  1 for product ap  username AP.


      --------adwork001.log  log file-------


      Time when worker started job: Tue Apr 21 2015 17:05:04

      Start time for file is: Tue Apr 21 2015 17:05:04

      sqlplus -s APPS/**** @/appfin/apps/apps_st/appl/ap/12.0.0/patch/115/sql/ap_trx_missing_event_sel.sql


      Following are the parameters that would be asked for

      by the script, along with their meanings:



      A valid Email id to which GDF output files are to be sent

      Enter value for email_id:





      Any one can suggest to pass parameters for select script of GDF patch.

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