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    Oracle BPM - Design/Testing/Training Docs



      I've been looking through the forums and after sifting through a few(quite a few) and two that seemed relevant, I'm posting this in the wider community.

      As the title suggests, I was looking for some kind of tips or suggestions to build these documents(from scratch as it seems) so as to help out different groups(from BAs/Process Analysts/ Process Developers to End users).

      I'm aware Bob Rhubart posted a couple of URLs to help someone out but they seem to be under construction (IT Strategies from Oracle) or I'm getting a dreaded 404 with others like  http://www.oracle.com/technology/pub/articles/dikmans-bpm.html?rssid=rss_otn_articles (not given by Bob, I may add).


      So any help from anyone as always is deeply appreciated.