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    Click Regenerate ODI Scenario  prompts error





          we create an "Import Format" object whose Source type is "Other",and we also create a source adapter which copied from standerd Adapter followed by the ERPI admin guaid.when we done,click the "Regenerate ODI Scenario" button,the web form prompts an error alert with the information "An error occurred" and nothing more.  The  version of FDMEE is .



          I search for the log file,the file:aif-webapp.log contains the infomation like this: Caused by:com.sunopsis.tools.core.exception.sunssimplemessageException:ODI-15005:DataType "Numeric" does not support in technology Oracle. All our databases are Oracle,we don't have any other type DB,so it shouldn't has any Numeric columns in our table; besides, In FDMEE , we could only access the web console to manipulate the ODI, in the odi console could not view and modify the DataType.



      I wonder if it is a bug, Anyone can  give us some help? Thanks !

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          Francisco Amores

          So numeric is a valid data type for Generic SQL technology but not for Oracle technology, For some reason is trying to assign numeric data type in the scenario.

          I mean, you said " it shouldn't has any Numeric columns in our table"  so did you create any interface to load data from your table to the open interface adapter?


          I haven't tested in so if you let me know which steps did you exactly ran I can try it.