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    OBIEE Presentation Service Down itself.


      Hi All,


      I am facing this issue since a week, we have created an SR with Oracle, But till now did not found a solution.

      Problem is Oracle BI Presentation Service get down automatically, and we need to start it again through Enterprise Manager.


      after looking into the log, we are not sure that this is the main reason, but for your reference I am giving the obips log file here.


      [2015-04-22T13:05:03.000+04:00] [OracleBISchedulerComponent] [NOTIFICATION:1] [] [] [ecid: ] [tid: 1]  [68013] Scheduler service started.

      [2015-04-22T13:05:03.000+04:00] [OracleBISchedulerComponent] [NOTIFICATION:1] [] [] [ecid: ] [tid: 1]  [68030] Scheduler subsystem started: Job scheduler.

      [2015-04-22T13:05:03.000+04:00] [OracleBISchedulerComponent] [NOTIFICATION:1] [] [] [ecid: ] [tid: 1]  [71076] Oracle BI Scheduler tmdsssvr: has been changed to an Inactive state.

      [2015-04-22T13:05:08.000+04:00] [OracleBISchedulerComponent] [NOTIFICATION:1] [] [] [ecid: 0001Z7doIMmFw00Fzzw0w00005Uh00000H,0] [tid: 18]  [43071] A connection with Cluster Controller tmdsssvr:9706 was established.

      [2015-04-22T13:05:08.000+04:00] [OracleBISchedulerComponent] [NOTIFICATION:1] [] [] [ecid: 0001Z7doIMmFw00Fzzw0w00005Uh00000H,0] [tid: 18]  [71075] Oracle BI Scheduler tmdsssvr: has been changed to an Active state.

      [2015-04-22T14:27:37.000+04:00] [OracleBISchedulerComponent] [ERROR:1] [] [] [ecid: 0001ZCG_oINFw00Fzzw0w00005Uh00002_,0] [tid: b]  [nQSError: 77006] Oracle BI Presentation Server Error: An error occurred during connect to "". Connection refused [Socket:41] [[

      Error Codes: YM52INCK




      Does anybody know the solution.



      Ather Shaikh