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    4.1 EA2 SQLcl: Is there a corresponding system variable to SQL*Plus' EDITFILE

    Patrick Bacon

      There is a system variable for SQL*Plus called EDITFILE.


      Here is an example of setting this (from my login.sql script):

      SET EDITFILE "U:\sql\sqlplus\temp.sql"


      With SQLcl, what is the corresponding system variable (or does it exists)?


      Here are the ones I see:


      SCOTT@ERPEN2>show all

      appinfo is OFF and set to "SQLcl"

      arraysize 15

      autocommit OFF

      autoprint OFF

      autotrace OFF

      BTitle OFF

      colsep " "

      copycommit 0

      define "&"

      echo OFF

      escape OFF

      FEEDBACK ON for 6 or more rows

      heading ON

      headsep "|" (hex 7c)

      linesize 80

      long 80

      longchunksize 80

      null ""

      numformat ""

      numwidth 10

      pagesize 9999

      PAUSE is OFF

      release 1102000300

      scan ON

      serveroutput ON SIZE 1000000

      space " "

      spool ON

      sqlcode 0

      sqlprompt "SCOTT@ERPEN2> "

      suffix "sql"

      termout ON

      time OFF

      timing OFF

      trimout OFF

      trimspool OFF

      TTitle OFF

      USER is "SCOTT"

      verify ON

      wrap : lines will be wrapped