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    Migrating databases




          If I was to migrate an existing OBIEE 11 server and change the database from a database (say Oracle for example) to Timesten, how much work would this be?  I would use the same schema name to own the same tables with the same column names, and the same data.


      I suspect something like changing the data source, install the RCU schemas, and possibly some sort or regen to let OBIEE gather information about the new environment (unless this is all handled in the data source config).  Is this something like 10 simple straight forward steps, or it depends on how big the data model is?


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          Are you talking about the RCU database, or the database where the data being reporting through OBIEE resides?

          I don't think TimesTen is supported as an RCU platform. To migrate the RCU across databases I'm pretty sure you'd be looking at a reinstall/migration process.

          If it's simply the reporting data then you make sure the database type is set correctly on the Physical DB object in the RPD, update the DSN, and assuming your schemas/tables/columns match *exactly* you should be good to go. I'd still want to check over data types etc though of the individual columns.

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            Christian Berg

            Nope, TT isn't supported for RCU...