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    Repository - Multi User, Merge, RPD Change Control


      Good morning all,


      I'm a long time Cognos Developer who has recently began working with OBI.  There seems to be a large fundamental difference in design and change control between the two that really has me stumped and I'm looking to the experts for help.


      We have a large RPD with many Subject Areas.  At any one time Development of both new and existing subject areas can take place.  Seeing that there is only a single binary file I'm looking for advice on some best practices for change control process that is common. 


      Current dilema is that we have an existing Subject Area that has a large footprint and gets a lot of use for this example let's call it "C".  We have a large release for subject area "C", which is schedule for Production in September.  There are other subject areas area "A" and area "B" that will need to be migrated to Production in both June and July. 


      What it the best practice to make changes on Subject area "C" without those changes being promoted to Prod during either subject area "A" or "B" and impacting subject area "C" before it's September date?


      Any help is greatly appreciate as I'm beginning to enter panic mode!