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    ADOP hotpatch fails when aplying Consolidated Seed Table Upgrade Patch17204589; abort also fails


      In process of upgradingt from 12.2 to 12.2.4.  Successfully applied pre-requisities, on Section 3 of Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2.4 Readme (Doc ID 1617458.1)

      Following error returned when applying 17204589.  Confirmed only database & webtier are active; app tier is down.

      App run environment is sourced.


      [ERROR] Error occurred while executing <adpatch  workers=1options=hotpatchflags=autoskip   console=no interactive=no  defaultsfile=/u01/oracle/VIS/fs1/EBSapps/appl/admin/VIS/adalldefaults.txt patchtop=/u01/oracle/VIS/fs_ne/EBSapps/patch/17204589 driver=u17204589.drv logfile=u17204589.log>


      Tried running adop phase=abort to stop incomplete patch & start over.  However, abort also fails with following error:


      [STATEMENT] Online patching tool cannot proceed when a previous patching session is incomplete

      [STATEMENT] Please ensure no pending patching sessions exist before trying a new patch

      [ERROR]     Unrecoverable error occured. Exiting the current session.

      [STATEMENT] [START 2015/04/24 09:50:44] Unlocking sessions table

      [STATEMENT] [END   2015/04/24 09:50:45] Unlocking sessions table

      [STATEMENT] Log file: /adop_20150424_095001.log

      [STATEMENT] [START 2015/04/24 09:50:47] Unlocking sessions table

      [STATEMENT] [END   2015/04/24 09:50:48] Unlocking sessions table

      Can't call method "close" on an undefined value at /u01/oracle/VIS/fs1/EBSapps/appl/au/12.0.0/perl/ADOP/Phase.pm line 239.


      adop exiting with status = 255 (Fail)


      Any ideas on steps to resolve errors & move fw?