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    Import bug (fatal error): SQL Developer 4.1EA2 drops destination table upon rollback after error


      I created a table in the worksheet and then I tried to import data into is using SQL Developer EA2. After error is raised, I was presented with the error on the screenshot below. (Note: Rightmost button stands for "Cancel") By choosing cancel (i.e. Click cancel to cancel and rollback.) my destination table is dropped to recycle bin. Rollback should not undo any DDL even when the table was created using the import wizard. But purging a table that was not created by the import wizard is a fatal error.






      Steps to reproduce:

      1. create the destination table from worksheet and check if it was created:
        column table_name format a21
        create table test_imp_rollback_bug(dummy number(2));
        insert into test_imp_rollback_bug values (-1);
        select table_name from user_tables where table_name='TEST_IMP_ROLLBACK_BUG';
      2. import CSV using the import settings attached, To achieve this, utilize the new Restore state of the SQL Developer's import wizard. Note: you might need to adjust schema of the destination table.
        1. test_imp_rollback_bug_numbers.csv
        2. test_imp_rollback_bug-import_settings.sdimp
      3. Upon "Insert failed for rows  1  through  50 " message presented, click Cancel.
      4. The table does not exists any more:
        select table_name from user_tables where table_name='TEST_IMP_ROLLBACK_BUG';
        no rows selected



      Edit (jmarton, 2015-04-26):

      Software versions used:

      SQL Developer version:

      Oracle JDK: 1.8.0_31, 64bit, Linux

      Instant client: linux.x64-

      Database: 12cR1 64bit, Linux, EE, CDB-install