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    Shipping Calendar


      Hello - I have set-up a Shipping Calendar to not allow shipments on weekends for one of our Org's.  It works fine, but on some cases Oracle moves the Arrival Date.


      Example:  I put a Request Date of 20-May (Wed) on the order…..What I was expecting to see is a Ship Date of 15-May(Fri) and an Arrival/Promise Date of 20-May.  However, Oracle gives me a Ship Date of 15-May (Fri)…..GOOD, but the Arrival/Promise Date moves to 19-May (Tue)…..BAD.  So Oracle is not allowing the weekend Ship Date that we want, but giving us an Arrival/Promise date a day earlier than entered or maybe the customer wants?  This is where the problem lays.  Is this normal functionality??


      Thank you