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    Adding commentary in ASO Cube and aggregating it to TOP Level


      Hi Gurus,


      I have one peculiar problem. We are adding commentary in BSO Planning cube now i have couple of problem related to it.


      a) These commentary needs to be pushed in ASO cube (Reporting) which need are entered in Lower Level.


      b) At top level these commentaried need to be Aggregated or rather Concatenated.




      ProfitCentre has two child P1 and P2 and user enter commantary in BSO for P1 and P2 as "Market Risk Deviation" and "Standard Output"


      then in the HSPgetval Smartview report the conent of report will look like:




      Profit Centre          Market Risk Deviation + Standard Output

      P1                        Market Risk Deviation

      P2                        Standard Output.



      Any thoughts/ Suggestions/ Input/ Ways to achieve so