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    Table View paging controls re-execute analysis query


      My problem:

      • Working on Oracle Business Intelligence
      • A report is generated dynamically from a stored procedure source, getting parameters from request variables set in presentation layer.
      • The table object defined in Physical Layer and which uses a  stored procedure as a source has the "Cacheable" option unchecked
      • The analysis that uses the results from the stored procedure has the option "Bypass Oracle BI Presentation Services Cache" unchecked
      • The results are shown in a table view which displays 20 rows at a time.
      • Under this circumstances when the user uses the table view controls to move to the previous/next 20 records the report is re-executed, making navigation between table pages slow and impacting performance.
      • When exporting to EXCEL or CSV the report is re-executed as well.
      • Under "Administration"->"Manage Sessions", the report will show as many runs as i clicks i do on the controls.

      I Would Like to:

      • Report results to be saved when the report is executed, so when the user navigates in the report the UI performs fast and users can always information up to date.
      • During a session, execution time for first run of a report with specific parameters is not relevant, subsequent executions within the same session with same parameters to be already cached.


      Hope somebody can advice on a good caching strategy for this kind of situations