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    Options for upgrading 10gas Apache in place to support newer SSL protocols

    Joel Saunders

      We currently still have 10gas portal (I know!) running on Solaris.  There is a current project to move away from this but in the meantime, Firefox v 37 and above now rejects the SSL versions that the 10gAS Apache SSL provides.


      We are looking for options, any options to get around this for a few months!


      Can the current 10gAS Webserver be rebuilt to use a later version of Open SSL?   or

      Is there a  way to seemlessly integrate a new WebTier OHS install under the covers of the existing 10gAS?   or


      Does someone have any other approaches to consider?


      If someone has actually done something like this, it would be great.


      We are certainly not experts in HTTP, SSL, etc so we may need some hand holding to get this done.


      Please advise ASAP as the user (who we've been asking to upgrade this sw for years) is know impatient to see a solution to this mess,




      Joel Saunders