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    Accrual Reconciliation Load Run, PO Accrual Reconciliation Report, Miscellaneous Accrual Reconciliation Report and Uninvoiced Receipts Report (Purchase Order (PO) Closure Status)



      We are on Oracle Version 12.1.3. My question is:

      Does the closure status of the Purchase Order (PO) determine whether or not PO Receipt and AP PO Invoice transactions are considered in the following programs and reports?

      1 - PO Accrual Reconciliation Report

      2 - Uninvoiced Receipts Report

      3 - Miscellaneous Accrual Reconciliation Report

      4 - Accrual Reconciliation Load Run

      When we went live with Oracle we customized to not allow for users to Final Close a PO. We now feel that there is a need to Final Close POs - but before we do so we would like to know if the "Finally Closed" Action when done at the PO header of the Purchase Order (PO) for  Standard, Blanket and Release POs will impact the 4 reports/programs mentioned above.

      Thank you.