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    OBIEE 11g Installation on Windows 7 - 64 Bits machine


      I have installed JDK 7 (64bits) and Oracle 11DB (64 Bits). This laptop will never be connected to Internet or any external network. Therefore let me know if I should install/configure loopback adapter.(Note- In the past I tried configuring it as described at http://gerardnico.com/wiki/windows/loop_back_adaptater. But later I ran into errors while creating RCU schema. Errors such as Listener not able resolve the localhost address.) I have on my machine OBIEE (64bits) and RCU (64bits) files ready for installation. Somewhere in Oracle knowledge base I found that "Software Only Install" being the good option for 64 bits platform (Here is one blog - http://obieebyakash.com/obiee-11-1-1-6-installation-steps/). Please comment as to how I can proceed. 1) Sequence of installation in case you suggest "Software Only Install" 2) Loopback adapter - really required in my case ? If yes, then which IP/Subnet mask/Default Gateway can be used ? Thank you.