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    What can you suggest to Functional Consultants?

      Hi all,


      EBS R12.2

      RHEL 6.5


      One of  our functional consultants encountered setup error, and is requesting me to apply patch for that error based on the support note she found in MOS.

      Customer Form Error: Account Site Page Raises Error: Keyflexfielddefinitionfactory.Getstructurenumber (Doc ID 816607.1)

      but the said notes is for 12.1. If this is the case, which of the following is the best conclusion to the above issue?

      a) Does it mean the error is not related to the apps anymore... or

      b) It is possible that there is a corresponding patch applicable to R12.2.... or

      c) There is process in the setup being missed by the functional consultant.

      d) Others

      What action plan do you usually recommend to your functional consultants in situation like this?

      Thanks a lot,