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    Passing a date presentation variable in 'Invoke a Browser Script'




      I have a problem with passing presentation variable with Invoke a Browser Script.


      In my main report i set the filters and it works correctly:


      ColumnDate is greater than or equal to  @{vStartDate}{01/05/2015}

      ColumnDate is less than or equal to  @{vEndDate}{04/05/2015}

      (It works with different dates, i have tested, not only for the values between 01/05/2015 and 04/05/2015)


      i gave the same filters to the detail report.


      When i choose the action link to go the detail report, it only brings me the values between 01/05/2015 and 04/05/2015 .

      If i remove the default date values then both report gives the error :


      A date value was expected (received "vStartDate").


      Error Details

      Error Codes: GYYEWLWG




      What i am doing wrong?


      Please help me.


      Thanks in advance.