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    BI server crashes at COUNT(DISTINCT) on a varchar column along with a filter on timestamp column


      Hi All,


      I'm facing an issue with an analysis which i'm trying to build.


      Below is the error I'm getting.


      The error occurrence is sporadic and I'm getting results when I clear the cache and run the analysis again. Below is the query from the manage session. I'm surprised that the filter on the timestamp column is missing in the physical query.


      select T745597."RPTG_PRDCR_BR_NM" as c2,

           T745984."CLM_OFCNBR" as c3,

           T745984."POL_EFF_DT" as c5


           "TBL_OBIEE_RPTG_RGN" T745597,

           "TBL_OBIEE_DTL" T745984

      where  ( T745597."PRDCR_BR_CD" = T745984."PRDCR_BR_CD" and T745984."CLM_OFCNBR" is not null and T745984."POL_EFF_DT" is not null )


      I'm getting different error at different instances for the same analysis. Below is the other kind of error I'm getting while I try to run the same analysis for different date filter.


      This causes the BI server to go unavailable for sometime. If I have RPD opened in online mode, I'm getting the below error.


      But I could open the RPD again in online mode immediately.

      I don't face any issue if I remove the filter on timestamp column or just have 'count' instead of 'count distinct'.

      I'm not sure what is going around this analysis.

      Kindly help. The OBIEE version we are using is (Build 120605.2000 BP1 64-bit).