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      Hai Experts


      I have implementd the concept of PREFERRED_CURRENCY session varaible in my project. It's wrking fine almost everywhere in my dashboards,reports but in few cases it's not working properly.

      Let me explain you by an example.After login when I run analysis by picking one dimension and one fact column  from one of my subject area,results comes fine(During this time my default currency was set to USD by default) now when I change my currency from USD To EURO (under My Account-->Preference Tab-->Currency) and refresh my Dashboard then the resulted values are same for my facts as it was for USD but my symbol changed from USD to EURO .


      But If I clear my cache before changing my preferred currency from USD To EURO and then run my analysis then resulted values for EURO are coming properly.

      It seems to me problem with cache.


          This is not an answer but a question as to how you made this work. I have been on this for some time. I have editted the userpref_currencies.xml to make use of the static mapping, see below.


          <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>



          <!-- A UserCurrencyPreference element consists of SAS session variable value and the display nformation of this element in the user currency preference dropdown in the Preferences page-->



          <!-- The sessionVarValue attribute is the value to which the SAS session variable (NQ_SESSION.PREFERRED_CURRENCY) is set when this is the preferred currency of the user.  It is a required attribute.-->



          <!-- displayMessage is optional parameter specifying a WebMessage that should displayed in drop down. -->



          <!-- displayText is optional parameter specifying the actual message that should displayed in drop down. -->



          <!-- displayTag is optional parameter specifying the currency tag in the currencies.xml whose displayMessage should be displayed in drop down. -->









          <UserCurrencyPreferences currencyTagMappingType="static">

            <UserCurrencyPreference sessionVarValue="gc1" displayText="Global Currency 1" currencyTag="int:USD" />

            <UserCurrencyPreference sessionVarValue="gc2" displayText="Global Currency 2" currencyTag="int:euro-l" />

            <UserCurrencyPreference sessionVarValue="gc3" displayText="Global Currency 3" currencyTag="loc:ja-JP" />

            <UserCurrencyPreference sessionVarValue="orgc" displayText="Org Currency" currencyTag="loc:en-BZ" />

            <UserCurrencyPreference sessionVarValue="lc1" displayTag="int:DEM" currencyTag="int:DEM" />











          I have also created a PREFERRED_CURRENCY variable, but still the currency drop down is not coming up as expected after restarting the services. Please advise.