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    Difference between adutlrcmp.sql and utlrp


      Hi Gurus,

      Can any one please let me know the difference between to compile invalids using utlrp.sql and using adadmin (APPS Schema compilation). As we know APPS schema compilation calls adutlrcmp.sql to compile.


      can anyboody please explain in details.



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          The utlrp.sql compiles all invalid objects in the whole database.

          The other script works in a more specific manner. The following lines are at the header of the adutlrcmp.sql script:


          rem  - compiles any invalid APPS_DDL or APPS_ARRAY_DDL packages

          rem      (in the whole DB, not just in the current schema)

          rem  - determines what objects are invalid in schema_to_compile

          rem  - determines the dependencies between the invalid objects

          rem  - assigns each invalid object to a logical worker for compilation


          The adadmin passes the APPS schema as a parameter and therefore the script compiles the APPS schema plus the two packages mentioned above and all dependent invalid objects.

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