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    import settings


      Hi all,


      I've started trying SQL Developer because it seems very usable (at least in the last version). I have installed it on my work PC and configured it (change of shortcuts etc.). Then I installed it on my home PC and I imported settings like copy roaming setting from work pc to home pc. Well it worked but I had problem with long startup of SQL Developer. It froze on the restoring windows operations. So I just deleted roaming settings which caused that all settings are lost. Is there some other way how to import settings between PCs? I really don't want to configure it from scratch...


      Thank you.

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          Gary Graham-Oracle

          Explicit export of user settings is currently only available for the connection information (for databases or SCM repositories like SVN). Of course, when moving between machines the user must decide whether the export processor strips out or encrypts any password information.


          If you want to try moving other user settings between machines, I would guess zipping up just the xml files would be a good starting point.  Definitely avoid the system_cache folder.


          There are lots of NetBean's related files, as discussed in DevFaqWindowsWstcrefAndFriends - NetBeans Wiki but I assume you can ignore those, too.


          Edit:  and perhaps someday SQL Developer will support export like Data Modeler... How to export preferences? Preferences storage?

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