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    FDMEE: Is it possible to assign security access to users in FDMEE so that specific user can load the data for specified entity?


      Hi Experts,


      we want to know if there is any provision for FDMEE where the users can be assigned security classes along with the defined roles for data loading from source system to HFM using FDMEE?


      more precisely, if a user in india is doing data integration using FDMEE then he should be able to load the data only for INDIA. he should not be allowed to load data for other entities in FDMEE.

      we have only one source system from which data has to be brought to HFM. there are many users sitting at various location around the world and will be doing the data loading for their specific entity. we want to restrict the users for loading other location data.


      Please let us know the possible scenarios for the above.


      Thanks in advance.