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    How to ask questions and get faster answers

    Christian Berg

      Melanie wrote an excellent thread on this here. Please everyone READ IT and incorporate it when you think about the next question you ask around here.

      When you got a question you like to get the answer as fast as possible.

      This could be a question about a new feature, a how to question, an error message or maybe you seek further information on a topic.



      Here are few tips that can increase the response time to your question:

      • Include the product name  - Most Communities cover multiple products, start your post with e.g : Smartview Integration; BI Server
      • Include the version and patch level - Answers may vary depending on version and patch level
      • Include the Product Category - Categories are listed just above the POST button
      • Include detailed description of the question/issue - This will help members understand the issue
      • Include error messages - A screenshot would be best with information when this error occurs
      • Include tags - These help with searching for already posted questions

         A few steps for when you received your answer:


      We are looking forward to your questions.


      Thank you