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    Results table in Endeca/OEBS does not show data from endeca view.


      We have Endeca V5 (3.0) for OEBS 12.2.4 Projects extension.

      When I added new custom data by Integrator to Endeca Server I can see them in Base view (for example Base view preview shows 6000 records), but when I use this base view as source for any kind of endeca component(Results table or chart) my new records are not shown (for example Results table includes 5500 records only).

      Data Source is without any restrictions:


        "dataDomainName": "prj-pjt",

        "name": "prj-pjt-allorg",

        "port": "7001",

        "server": "localhost"


      Why my new data are visible in Base view preview but not in Results table? How make them visible for the end customer?