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    Drill through workingin FDMEE but not Planning


      New to Hyperion and would love some assistance!


      Using FDMEE and SmartView (excel 2013).


      • I have successfully been able to extract data from PeopleSoft in workbench and been able to drill from FDMEE back to Peoplesoft. 
      • When I export to Planning, I see everything is successful and the Drill regions are created.
      • From SmartView (and forms) I cannot drill through.  SmartView tells me: "No Drill-through reports found at this location"
      • When I log into EAS - I do not see any drill regions defined in this application


      Any thoughts?  the FDMEE log file says it generates the Drill region successfully.  I also looked at the ERPIntegrator0.log file on the FDMEE server and nothing stands out to why it is not working.


      Thanks for any help/troubleshooting ideas as I am new to the technology stack....