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    how to change default port at installation time


      I have apex 4.2.1 running on 8080 on an OEl host.


      trying to install ords 3 over apex 5 on OEL. 


      nstall doc says I will get asked to change default port at install time when running java -jar ords.war.  but Im not getting that, its continually trying to start it on 8080. ie, Im not getting prompted.  how to change the default port?

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          Colm Divilly-Oracle

          In 3.0.x the answers you provide to each installation prompt are saved, to avoid you having to re-enter the same information over and over, so you need to edit the file where these settings are stored, see here:




          Note that the listen port is stored in the standalone mode configuration file (along with the static resources path), and you will not be re-prompted to enter it if that file exists and contains the port setting.


          If you want to change the listen port after setup you can use the standalone command to modify it.


          For example if I wanted to change the listen port to 8087 then I would do:


          java -jar ords.war standalone --port 8087


          This will start standalone mode listening on port 8087, the updated port value will be stored in the configuration file