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Error number: 1866, ORA-01866: the datetime class is invalid

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Hi, could anyone please help me out with the following error:

I got the Error number: 1866, ORA-01866: the datetime class is invalid when i ran the following code:

string sqlStmt = "SELECT Task.TaskId,TaskDefinition.Command,Task.State,TaskDefinition.Priority,TaskDefi
nformation FROM Task,TaskDefinition WHERE (Task.BatchId =:x OR Task.BatchId = -1) AND Task.State =:y AND Ta
sk.TaskId = TaskDefinition.TaskId ORDER BY Task.TaskId,Task.StartTime";

Statement *stmt = conn->createStatement(sqlStmt);
stmt->setString(2, cState);

ResultSet *rs = stmt->executeQuery();
try {
while (rs->next()){
failTask.TaskId = rs->getInt(1);
failTask.Command = rs->getString(2);
failTask.State = rs->getString(3);
failTask.Priority = rs->getInt(4);
failTask.Workload = rs->getInt(5);
failTask.ProcessId = rs->getInt(6);
failTask.StartTime = rs->getTimestamp(7);
failTask.EndTime = rs->getTimestamp(8);
failTask.ReturnCode = rs->getInt(9);
failTask.MaxCpuTime = rs->getInt(10);
failTask.Information= rs->getString(11);

}catch(SQLException ex)
cout<<"Exception thrown for displayRow in viewmode -1"<<endl;
cout<<"Error number: "<< ex.getErrorCode() <<", ";
cout<<ex.getMessage() << endl;