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    iStore Order item details



      I'm aware that a valid cart once saved in iStore will create a active quote in R12 and that unsaved cart details will be present in IBE_ACTIVE_QUOTES_ALL table. But this table only has header level information, is there a table in R12 that saves item level details in a unsaved cart which I can use for my validations before saving it and creating the quote in R12.

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          Sanal PB

          IBE_ACTIVE_QUOTES_ALL table will have information about a user's active cart. A record in IBE_ACTIVE_QUOTES_ALL table will have a QUOTE_HEADER_ID. You can use this QUOTE_HEADER_ID to go to ASO_QUOTE_LINES table to find the line level details for a cart. You can use the below given query for reference:


          SELECT aql.*

            FROM ibe_active_quotes_all iaqa, aso_quote_lines_all aql

          WHERE     iaqa.quote_header_id = aql.quote_header_id

                 AND iaqa.active_quote_id = ?;


          Once your cart is saved and is no longer active, you will not find the details of that cart in IBE_ACTIVE_QUOTES_ALL table. To find the details of a saved cart, you can go to ASO_QUOTE_HEADERS table and search either by the name of the saved cart, which you will find in QUOTE_NAME column in ASO_QUOTE_HEADERS_ALL table.


          Hope this helps.