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    User Migration Utility - FDM


      Hi All,


      We are facing issue with User migration utilty. We migrated from to version and ran user migration utility for FDM users. We can see all the provisioning appearing in both the places SS and FDM (user maintenance). however when we are trying to login using SSO, unable to login (error: security authentication failure). Native admin account we are able to login. Please find the below details can help to understand more on the issue:-


      both are different ldap directories in both the versions:-

      ex:- old environment - ajay@abc.com

             New Environment - ajay@xyz.com


      quick fix:- we have deleted user access from FDM user maintenance and SS, then again provided the same access in both the places. its working fine. but problem here is we have more than 200+ odd users with multiple location access. how we can solve this issue?


      Still new environment is not live, so we have couple of days to work on this issue. otherwise need to go with manual process.


      Thanks in advance for valuable suggestion



      Ajay Patil

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          Note: This is just a stab at it, because I'm not 100% sure on it.



          When you hook up to an LDAP directory and provision user a key is generated for each user from the LDAP directory:



          LDAP Directory1: ajay@abc.com  = KEY 1234



          LDAP Directory2: ajay@xyz.com = KEY 4567



          While the username is the same between the two directories, the keys for the user is different - and so you aren't able to migrate. My guess would be if you connected the new environment to the old LDAP directory things would work fine.



          Now as for solving it - I think we need to test the theory first. Are you able to connect to the underlying FDM database? If so I would go on the hunt for the user table with the keys in it.

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            Hi Tom,

            Thanks for your reply,

            We got the solution for the above issues. Our FDM solution Architect tested some of his custom script and showed the result with one or two sso. that was perfect.

            i will post the solution with the steps once its success fully completed.


            Thanks again for your reply




            Ajay Patil