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    Reports 10g Style Sheets

      Where is the "Oracle Reports online Help" that contains documentation for CSS Class Name property and the Style Sheet property?
      The "Oracle Reports - Building Reports" manual (part# B13895-01) does not have this information. This manual sez to look in "Oracle Reports online Help".
      When I do a decumentaion search for "Oracle Reports online Help" I get a link to the Oracle Reports - Building Reports" manual and one other link that sez to look for the "Oracle Reports online Help"
      A very circular run-around...
      Any suggestions???
      Andy T
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          In the Preface of the Building Reports manual, under "Related Documentation":
          Oracle Reports online Help, which is available in Reports Builder or hosted on the
          Oracle Technology Network (OTN), as described in Section 3.1.1, "Using the
          Oracle Reports online Help".
          Section 3.1.1, "Using the Oracle Reports online Help" explains how you can access the online Help via Reports Builder, or from the Oracle Reports 10g page on OTN (http://www.oracle.com/technology/products/reports/index.html):
          Under Resources, click Hosted Online Help to display the Web-based version
          of the most recent Oracle Reports online Help.