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    Command line to deploy Offline Database Project


      Is there a command line tool out there that will allow me to deploy the database objects I defined in an Offline Database project into a target database?


      I want to Continuous Integrate an Oracle DB so I'll need to:


      • Compare a target DB with DB objects defined in a Offline Database project
      • Generate a DIFF script from that comparison
      • Execute the DIFF script on the target DB


      My goal is to automate those steps via some kind of command line tool.

      No data will be involved. Just DB Objects like procedures, tables (structure only), types, etc.


      On the past (2011) they said it was not possible (https://community.oracle.com/message/9840162)


      If it still not possible, is there another way to continuous integrate Oracle DB from a pre-defined model? Something like DACPAC to MSSQL, but for Oracle DB ?