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    Size of EBS R12.2.4 Apps Tier and DB Tier

      Hi all,


      EBS R12.2.4

      RHEL 6.5


      I have installed our PROD EBS R12.2.4. This is a base prod install with initial data on it. When I back it up using tar.gz(compressed)  the size of App Tier is 32G and the DB Tier is 11G.


      But when I compared it with the EBS R12.2.4 installation I made using this link > https://blogs.oracle.com/stevenChan/entry/e_business_suite_12_2

      The size of Apps Tier tar.gz backup is 34G while the Db Tier backup is 18G.


      Why is there so much big difference in our installation?

      Does this mean I missed lots of install patches and data?


      Can you please check and compare also the tar.gz backup of your base PROD install for your EBS R12.2.4?



      Thanks a lot,