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    E-Business Suite 12.2.4 VM Virtual Appliances

      Hi all,


      I am confused of other options available for EBS R12.2.4 VM Virtual Appliance.


      The options provided the following:


      I am curious about item 5. Sparse Application Tier

      I do not know what is the benefit of it or how to use it? It say for customers who plan to use Rapid Install?

      I know it is a pre-configured image of OEL 6.5 complete with required rpm's.

      When doing a fresh rapid install, we usually need to buy new server then install OS and the required packages rpm's which is cumbersome.


      Does this sparse image can be copied to a new server so It can be ready to go rapid install? Skipping the tedious OS and rpm's setup.


      Please advise....


      Thanks a lot,