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    Performance Issue while scrolling through the records


      Hi group,


      I am trying to solve a performance issue for one of our customers.


      They are using Oracle EBS 12.1.3 in two nodes (one server is for the database and the other one if for the application services), both servers are running AIX 6.


      I have applied several patches for the Forms ORACLE_HOME (10.1.2) suggested by Oracle's Support.


      The problem that we have is when the end users are scrolling through the records inside of the forms, for example, when they scroll down in the records, suddenly the mouse pointer is reloading or waiting for something, it takes 1 minute to get the form ready again.

      I would like to know if somebody has had this similar issue before.

      Statistics in the database are current, we have increased some memory parameters for the JVM (Forms and OACore), but we are still having this issue.

      Any help or advice will be really appreciated.

      Thanks in advance.

      Kind regards,

      Francisco Mtz.