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    OBIEE- Previous Quarter


      Hi All,


      I would really appreciate if you could help me here.

      I have quarter column  values like 20141,20142,20143,20144,20151 and 20152. I need to create revenue per quarter dashboard with quarter prompt. 

      Looks like it simple, But for few quarters we don't have revenue, in that case my report needs to display where ever we have revenue in most recent previous quarters.


      Quarter                         Revenue


      20132                         $15

      20133                         null

      20134                         null

      20141                         null

      20142                         $25

      20143                         $30

      20144                         null

      20151                         null

      20152                         $35


      • If i select 20152 value in prompt as i have revenue in 20152, report should return $35
      • If i select 20151 value in prompt as i don't have revenue in 20151 and 20144, report should return $30. Report prompt value will 20151 but revenue value should be 20143th value of $30.

      Any suggestion Appreciated.