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    advice needed : shared or unshared unit test repositories


      On my development database I have two database users (user A, user B). User A belongs to application A. User B belongs to application B. For both users there are procedures and functions which got to be tested. As far as I know there are two different approaches to set up the unit test environment: shared or unshared repository.


      1. Is it true and is it the only way if I don't want user B to see and to manipulate unit tests of user A, I have to create two unshared directories?
      2. If my first question can be answered with yes: Is it better practice to create for each user a separate repository user (user A, user B + user with repository for A, user with repository for B) or setting up repositories directly within user A and user B?
      3. If my first question can be answered with no: How do I have to set up my shared repository in order to avoid user B from manipulating unit test of user A?


      I am grateful for any help.


      SQL Developer version