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        Hi, same problem here. I installed Oracle 10g XE on Windows XP Professional SP2. It seems successful, without any error message during installation. And the two services OracleTNSListener and OracleServiceXE can start up, but it always cannot go to database home page. I've configured my firewall software and Windows Firewall to let ports 1521 and 8080 opened. And I also set the no proxy connection to localhost( in my default browser. But it still can't work.
        Any suggestion? Thanks.
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          Does dbconsole is running ?
          can you paste emoms.trc here,
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            Are you connected to the network via a domain user ? If yes the installation will failed. I've experienced it. Should you disconnect from the network (or connect as a Local user if you can) re-start your installation. After installation you should be able to see your database home page. Log-off and log-in with your normal domain user and it should work.
            This knowned issue is referenced into Oracle documentation, see at:http://www.oracle.com/technology/software/products/database/xe/files/install.102/b25143/toc.htm#BABCFFBE

            chapter: 12.2.6 ORA-12638: Credential Retrieval Failed Errors

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              I'm also facing the same problem at my machine

              i can't navigate to the database home page

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                Hans Forbrich
                1) Register yourself as an XE user at http://www.oracle.com/technology/xe/registration
                2) Sign in to the forum
                3) Look for the XE forum
                4) Browse through or ask there.

                It's been discussed several times.
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                  ok, my oracle account didn't ask me for an email address, so i guess that email the xe forum registration is mentioning will not arrive in this century...

                  then i've seen it mentioned that i should use the web console after installation to register the xe forum. guess what, it's not listening for me either - that's why i want to search that damn forum... why on earth do i need to register?

                  there's no useful information in any of the logs (unless there are some logs that are not called *.log)

                  this is an ubuntu linux, without anything special, probably one of the most common linux setups.

                  the port is available, but nothing listens there after starting oracle.

                  i've spent half a day with this (i'm an expert programmer, i've even set up several oracle itself several times starting from the 8 times).

                  so, is this xe?

                  if you want to see what xe is, try setting up postgresql! it didn't take more then 2 minutes, including the googling for database/user creation...

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                    Hans Forbrich
                    To get an OTN account, you needed to provide an email address.

                    Doesn't matter. You may have noticed from my previous posts that ... you register and then you sign in some time later. You don't need the email, which simply says "you've registered, please go ahead and sign in".

                    Yes, you do need to sign in. If your userid is idle for several hours, it gets stale and you need to sign in again. You need to sign in using the same userid that you registered. Related cookies are session-based only and cleared every time your browser closes.

                    As for the various problems you experience ... the majority of problems I've seen stem from

                    a) not following the install manual (http://www.oracle.com/pls/xe102/homepage);
                    b) not having the proper pre-reqs, including attempting install using sudo;
                    c) in Linux - having TomCat chew up port 8080;
                    d) having another copy of Oracle on the system and not resetting the environment vars properly;
                    e) firewall, SELinux, or other security stuff turned on;
                    f) attempting to do anything in Oracle other than the install (and the supplied start/shut) using root.

                    <aside - ignore if you have sensitivites>
                    As for setting up Oracle several times before: then you should be able to troubleshoot this very easily. I've seen a number of expert programmers use the MS approach to install (Insert CD, push button , answer a few questions usually with defaults, wait) without understanding the install process and the resulting setup.

                    Funny you should say that about PostgreSQL: I have had fewer problems with installing XE than PostgreSQL on my distros - unless I use the stuff supplied with the distro, in which case, someone else has done the thinking. I wonder what 'simple install' implies.
                    </aside - ignore if you have sensitivites>
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                      Thanks Franck
                      I got it to work when I disconnected my PC with XP from the network, then installed the Oracle database...

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                        In case it helps. I had the same issue. In my case it was also related to a "network problem".
                        To summarize, while the PC in which I installed XE was connected to a "faulty" network (slow or with some other network problems I cannot fully understand yet), the initial local database administration page would not open. Connecting to a proper network, opening the local page was possible.
                        This is kind of surprising, since one would expect this page to be 100% local...
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                          Most likely you already have an Oracle client or instance on the same computer that you are trying to install XE onto. If so, you must remove the ORACLE_HOME setting PRIOR to installation. This is key. If you have already installed, then in Windows go to Control Panel/Add Remove Programs and remove the Oracle XE installation. Remove the ORACLE_HOME setting from your profile and/or environment variables. I did this through Windows right click My Computer, Properties, Advanced, Environment Variables, select setting and click on Delete for both user and system, and OK save. Reinstall Oracle XE and default page for will open.
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                            My work's network is DHCP, so I had to install the Loop Back connector. It takes about 5-10 mins. I did it on windows xp. here are the instructions from an oracle .pdf file i had stashed away.

                            To install a loopback adapter on Windows 2003, Windows Server 2003 R2, or Windows XP:
                            1.Open the Windows Control Panel.
                            2.Double-click Add Hardware to start the Add Hardware wizard.
                            3.In the Welcome window, click Next.
                            4.In the Is the hardware connected? window, select Yes, I have already connected the hardware, and click Next.
                            5.In the The following hardware is already installed on your computer window, in the list of installed hardware, select Add a new hardware device, and click Next.
                            6.In the The wizard can help you install other hardware window, select Install the hardware that I manually select from a list, and click Next.
                            7.From the list of common hardware types, select Network adapters, and click Next.
                            8.In the Select Network Adapter window, make the following selections:
                            ■Manufacturer: Select Microsoft.
                            ■Network Adapter: Select Microsoft Loopback Adapter.
                            9.Click Next.
                            Domain name is optional.
                            Oracle Database Network Topics
                            2-14 Oracle Database Installation Guide
                            10.In the The wizard is ready to install your hardware window, click Next.
                            11.In the Completing the Add Hardware Wizard window, click Finish.
                            12.If you are using Windows 2003, restart your computer.
                            13.Right-click My Network Places on the desktop and choose Properties. This displays the Network Connections Control Panel item.
                            14.Right-click the connection that was just created. This is usually named "Local Area Connection 2". Choose Properties.
                            15.On the General tab, select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), and click Properties.
                            16.In the Properties dialog box, click Use the following IP address and do the following:
                            a.IP Address: Enter a non-routable IP for the loopback adapter. Oracle recommends the following non-routable addresses:
                            –192.168.x.x (x is any value between 0 and 255)
                            b.Subnet mask: Enter
                            c.Record the values you entered, which you will need later in this procedure.
                            d.Leave all other fields empty.
                            e.Click OK.
                            17.Click Close.
                            18.Close Network Connections.
                            19.Restart the computer.
                            20.Add a line to the DRIVE_LETTER:\ WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file with the following format, after the localhost line:
                            IP_address hostname.domainname hostname
                            ■IP_address is the non-routable IP address you entered in step 16.
                            ■hostname is the name of the computer.
                            ■domainname is the name of the domain.
                            For example:
                   mycomputer.mydomain.com mycomputer
                            21.Check the network configuration:
                            a.Open System in the Control Panel, and select the Computer Name tab. In Full computer name, make sure you see the host name and the domain name, for example, sales.us.mycompany.com.
                            b.Click Change. In Computer name, you should see the hostname, and in Full computer name, you should see the host name and domain name. Using the
                            Domain name is optional.
                            Individual Component Requirements
                            Oracle Database Preinstallation Requirements 2-15
                            previous example, the host name would be sales and the domain would be us.mycompany.com.
                            c.Click More. In Primary DNS suffix of this computer, you should see the domain name, for example, us.mycompany.com.
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